WWE SuperCard Wiki

Starting Up[]

     WWE SuperCard is a game for any mobile device that puts you up against another player's deck of 4 male superstars, 2 support cards, and 1 diva. Each of these cards have varying ratings that could go from common to legendary. In the beginning, you are given 12 starter cards:
  • 1 RARE Superstar
  • 1 UNCOMMON Superstar
  • 6 COMMON Superstars
  • 2 pairs of COMMON Supports


     Every superstar/diva card has 4 stats and, some, have special abilities. The 4 essential stats for every wrestler card are: POWER, TOUGHNESS, SPEED, and CHARISMA. Certain cards will have better quality in one stat than another card, but it all depends on how the wrestler, in real life, performs. Next, we have special abilities. Most UNCOMMON cards will have special abilities, while some will not, but every RARE+ card will have special abilities. Special abilities are used at random, and will increase 1 or 2 of that superstar's stats by a set amount.
Ultra Rare Shawn Michaels

An Ultra Rare Shawn Michaels card

Quick Matches/Deck Tiers[]

     Quick Matches are your basic and most essential ways of getting new cards. After every quick match, you will get to pick from a 5x5 layout of cards (2 picks for WINS and 1 pick for LOSSES). An example of a pick and deck tier is shown on the right.
     Every quick match starts with the game randomly selecting 3 rounds for your match, along with the 1 or 2 stats that will be used to win. The type of match can vary between a SOLO MATCH, DIVA MATCH,  or a TAG TEAM MATCH.